Pepper Spray Peppers Play Pepperman Standard (FTC)


The TW-1000 series manufactured by Karl Horneck, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of tear gas sprays with over 30 years of research experience and in compliance with strict laws and regulations. All products are manufactured according to the standards of the "Fraunhofer Institute" and are registered with the German Federal Criminal Investigation Department (Bundeskriminalatom: BKA) and have the sign for high safety.

Pepper spray has been used for a long time not only in Germany but also in Switzerland, France, and Austria.

OC: Abbreviation for Oleoresin Capsicum. A pungent ingredient extracted from chili peppers and other peppers. It has a strong and immediate effect and can be used on animals in general. It is a naturally occurring botanical ingredient that is degradable by microorganisms, so it has no impact on the environment.

Warning: This product is intended solely as a bear repellent. Never use this product for any purpose other than bear repellent.

Spray distance varies depending on usage conditions, weather conditions, and environment (temperature and air pressure). Use in consideration of the direction of the wind, etc.


Size 35 x 123 mm
Weight 99 g
Capacity 63 ml
Ingredients Oleoresin capsicum type liquid
Spray distance approx. 4 - 5 m
Spray duration approx. 15 sec.
Expiration date 2 years
RemarksFlip-top cap (FTC) to prevent accidental firing, which was not equipped in the conventional product Pepper Standard Compact size.
Spraying liquid type (jet type) with a capacity of 63 ml.

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