Patagonia Patagonia Women's Multi Trails Shorts 5 1/2

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It is a practical shorts that can do everything I want to do, including running every day.A lightweight recycling polyester (90 %) and 10 % polyurethane (polyurethane) are used to make the ventilation and moisture divergent make it comfortable.Adopting the Fairtrade Sativo sewing

a sturdy material with elastic
The main body is made from plastic waste collected from a community along the coast, which is exposed to a crisis in the orchastic cycle, and is a textile material of 90 % polyurethane (90 %)/polyurethane (polyurethane), which is already certified by the Ocean Cycle.Achiefuse speed and condensation with speed and elasticity in 4 directions to achieve ease of movement and comfortable use

-with comfortable doro code
with a drawing code that is easy to adjust to the outside, with comfortable drawing

There are two zipper front pockets.A snap-fastened backpocket, convenient for small objects, can contain the main body, and it can be carried and stored easily.

-with liner
With a comfortable briefcase liner.

-a tightly fitting waistband
Minimally, elastic westbands are lightweight and lightweight, superior to water management, and provide sufficient strength and flexibility.Middles

-Reflex logo
Reflex logo entered at the left hem of the front desk.with a convenient loop to hang down and dry

Weight:108 g (3.8 oz)
Materials:A plastic waste collected from a community of coastal areas that are in danger of being endangered, used as a raw material for the authenticity of the Ocean Cycle, 2.5 ounces of plain weave, which is stretch in four directions, 90 % of plastic recycled polyester, and 10 % polyurethane.PFC-free DWR machining (durable hydrophobic coating with fluorine compound).Liner: 2.3 oz, recycled polyester 100 % double-nitt.It has a medium and a biosoftware that increases moisture and flexibility, and has been fodorized with high-queue, pure, and pure.

West 33 36 38 42 47 52
Momojo 25 27 29 31 32 33
The crotch 14 14 14 14 14 14
Finish Dimension (Hirago/cm)
*This may be slightly different from the dimensions of the real product.

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