Realizes overwhelming ease of tension and installation variations. In addition to lightweight compactness, expand the possibility of tarp. Birth of an original tarp Shuriken silhouette. Tension sleeve on two sides before and after. 21 joint points. These unique functions have achieved about 30 ways of tension. It features a unique tarp shape that pursues the ease of installation. The feature is that it can be set up quickly because there is no need for a rope in the center. Paul is easy to move, so you can do variations without stress. There is a sleeve with a string on the two sides of the tarp, which can freely narrow down the curtain by adjusting the four corners of the adjuster. The main unit has 21 joint points, which is used for combining with the Gyeline and combining points. It is also possible to connect multiple tarps in addition to choosing guypoints freely. Add a sense of security with ninja nest By using the separately sold inner tent and Ninja nest, it becomes an orthodox type A tent. The deep bathtub -shaped floor has a great sense of security. The combination of Ninja Tarp and Ninja Nest is very lightweight, about 1000g, and is ideal for minimal equipment camping and touring. * From PAAGO WORKS website Accessories: 6 Gyelines, staff bags Single weight: about 395g Total weight: about 500g Size: 2800 x 2800mm (storage size 270 x 90 x 90mm) Main material: 30D nylon silicon coating Color: Dark gray

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