OS1ST OS Fast FS6 Sport Compression Foot Sleeve


What is OS1ST?

Among the many supporters, it is a supporter used to suppress movement so that it does not overload the recurrence instead of the acute phase. Unlike fixed orthotics that are firmly fixed during the acute phase, it is hard to get stuffy, easy to move, and convenient to carry. It is a brand that is classified as a supporter category called NEXT TO SKIN and boasts the No.1.

FS6 foot sleeve is the most selected supporter of the OS1ST products, especially for symptoms such as substritis and Achilles tendon pertitis. Both the sole fasciitis and Achilles tendin peripheritic are effective for suppressing inflammation by compressing the irritation. Another advantage by compression is that the "open book", which is one of the causes of the arch, is stable by wearing FS6 foot sleeve rather than barefoot. It works to prevent the arch from collapsing. It is recommended to have a moderate compression to the middle foot, which is easy to fall off, so that the alignment up to the fingertips is adjusted.

I think that women are generally S size, and men are generally M size. Those who have a wide foot width or those with higher insteps will almost fit in one size up.

Please check the size notation in the image.
Last but not least, if you feel that the pressure is too strong, avoid long use and remove it moderately. In addition, we recommend that you remove it when you go to bed. Please use the recommended timing as a recovery after returning home to before going to bed, and after running. It is also recommended to use it with sandals that firmly spread to your fingertips.


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