Lightweight and compact by using wires instead of chains.
The pawl is also placed only at the front and rear of the shoe.
The landing and kicking motion is smoothly supported.

In addition, by gathering the nails in the center, the structure makes it difficult for the nails to get caught on the hem of the pants even in violent movements.
It works well on shallow snow, tight snow, and icy surfaces.
It is very comfortable for running because it does not grip too much on the way down and allows you to slide a little.

In addition, the wire fits better with the shoe than the chain.
The wire does not shift when you step on it.
The disadvantage is durability, which is inferior to that of chains, but this model is light enough to compensate for that and has a wonderful feel.

S 165g EUR36-38 USA5.5-6.5
M 170g EUR39-41 USA7-8.5
L 180g EUR42-44 USA9-10
XL 185g EUR45-48 USA11-13
This is just a guide. 26cm foot size and I wear size L when I use ALTRA's Lone Peak. It depends on the design of the shoes, such as whether they have thick soles or not. If you are using them for mountaineering shoes, a size larger than the standard 1-2 sizes will fit.

Case weight 30g

A word from the manager...
No loosening due to the chain and minimal misalignment for a tight fitting. In addition, by placing the claws only on the toes and calf, the necessary grip and the necessary torque are applied to smoothly support running movements while shaving off excess weight. The structure of the claws are clustered in the center, making it difficult for the claws to catch on the hem of the pants even during strenuous movements. The 8mm depth of the nails is exactly the right depth for running without being too grippy. It is also very good for foot traffic. Compared to a chain, the wire has by far the best foot carry in terms of weight, and is very comfortable when stepped on. It may slip a little on downhill slopes, but I think it is the best item when considering 'running' used on a daily basis. Of course, they are lightweight, so even when you may not use them, you can carry them without worrying about the weight.


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