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Stamp Run & Co. Collaboration with Stamp Run & Co.4and the newest edition is now available!

The previous version was a great success, and the new version is very comfortable to wear.The best blend ratio of 92% polyester and 8% spandexComfy TThe shirt is available in titanium black and spring lime green.2The colors are titanium black and spring-like lime green.



Available in two colors: titanium black and spring lime green.

XXS : Length (back) 60.4 cm, bust (underarm) 90 cm, sleeve length 18 cm
XS : Length (back) 62.6cm, Bust (underarm) 94cm, Sleeve length 19cm
S: Length (back) 64.8cm, bust (underarm) 98cm, sleeve length 20cm
M: Length (back) 67cm, Bust (underarm) 102cm, Sleeve length 21cm
L: Length (back) 69.2cm, bust (underarm) 106cm, sleeve length 22cm



Material:92% polyester/ Spandex8%
Weight: 131g (size M)
Part Number: MST-017



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