Milestone Milstone Original Socks MSS-002


The second evolved Milestone original socks series is finally here.

This is the second Milestone Original Socks series that pursues durability, breathability, and comfort (fit) made in Japan.
1) The toe and the heel are made of corduranylon Cordula®︎ thread to greatly improve the strength of places that are easy to burden

2) Change the sole cushion part from nylon to polyester. It is more water -absorbing and drying, and improves comfort by sweating

3) Raise sock compressions overall to improve support.


Size / size M: (22.0-25.0) L: (25.0-28.0)
Material / Material: Polyester71%、Nylon23%、Polyurethane 6%

* Use Cordula® nylon  Polyester71%, nylon23%, Polyurethane 6%
Color: Canyon Black / Canyon Black, Foggy Blue / Foggy Blue


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