Milestone Mile Stone onion Hoodie MSRH-001 Unisex


A must-have running wear item from milestone

Have you ever felt like you can't see the clock when you put your thumb through the thumbhole when you run in the cold?

Even in such situations, you can check your pace, heart rate, and distance immediately.“Watch windows” on both armsBy setting up , the existing problems can be solved immediately.

The characteristic asymmetrical zipper not only differentiates the wearer's appearance, but is also designed to prevent it from hitting the chin.

Depending on the situation, double zippers are used to instantly let in fresh air, making it easier to regulate body temperature. Large ventilations are placed at sweat points under the armpits and back.


Made to order from gray fabric at a material manufacturer in Japan (Hokuriku),milestoneCreated by mixing limited original colors (3 colors) with a beaker. Available in classic coal black, soft polar white, and dark British green.

Material is nylon(20d)By weaving the thin threads into a vertical and horizontal double-lipped structure, we succeeded in expressing unevenness. It maintains a good balance of ease of release from the skin, breathability, and strength. In order to reduce weight, no polyurethane is used at all, and nylon is used to create a stretchy feel.

Environmental issues have become a global standard these days. Virtually eliminates the generation of substances that affect the environment and healthFree of fluorine compoundsC-zeroWater repellent productis adopted, and is environmentally and health-friendly.


It fits in the palm of your hand when stored in the storage bag hidden inside the hood.Onion-sized wind shell"Onion Foodie"is finally completed!

Origin of the Onion Hoodie's name: From Marvin Gaye's hit song "The Onion Song" - We need to plant seeds of love. The world is just a big onion

I was impressed by the song, which compares the earth to an onion and is filled with love and no war, and I felt saddened by the recent wars in Russia and Ukraine, so I chose this name.
*When stored, it becomes the size of an onion.

Material: 100% nylon /
Size: XS, S, M, L *Unisex

Wearing size: 169cm57kg M size

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