milestone milestone MSC-016 Original Cap


MSC-009, MSC-016, which can be used as a town use as well as outdoors. The new one -point logo and the back of the collar were embroidered with "Lighting Your Way".The large form of this cap is designed to be tired even if you wear it for a long time. Size adjustment is possible. * Built -in adjuster body.

Milestone Original Cap Series commitment

About wire brim

Because the wire is built into the hats of the hat, you can remember your favorite shape.
Even when the head lamp is attached, the light of the light can be irradiated without interruption.

About shape

Since the shape of the head is generally different between Westerners and Japanese, it feels uncomfortable when you wear the same head size.
Westerners: The width is thin, the back of the head is out/ Japanese: Wide width, many people have a cliff
*Traditional running caps were slender, and many of them looked large when they were wearing them.

Causes your face look bigger?

If you wear a slimming hat than the cheekbones, your cheeks will stick out and your entire face looks bigger.
Conversely, if the hat is wider than the cheekbones, the cheeks look thin and can be expected to have a small face effect.

About depth

The position of the ears is different between Westerners and Japanese.
Westerners: Japanese with high ears: Low ears.

Cap -shaped commitment

The position of the ears is different between Westerners and Japanese.
For the above reasons, a wide brim that matches the size of the Japanese is adopted, and it is designed by studying the depth that fits when it is covered.


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