Mag-on Body Lotion


Discerning magnesium✕"Apply" mag-on containing peony fragment

Because it is a body lotion type, approach directly where you are worried.

■ Main characteristics
・ 2 types of magnesium
Use two magnesium, "water -soluble" and "chloride" that relax muscles and enhance flexibility.

・ Contains peony fragment
In addition to magnesium, it is the first MAG-ON of peony redoirs that are familiar with Chinese herbal medicine.

・ Directly absorbed from percutaneous
Paint where you are worried and massage directly.
Use it for preparation before exercise and for post -exercise care.

■ MAG-ON Body Lotion
Contents: 100ml
Ingredients: Water, BG, MG chloride, PPG -6 Desyltetrades -30, Mg hydroxide, kansou root extract, peeling root extract, etc.

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