LUNA SANDALS × UNHALF Luna Sandal Un Half Drawing Sweat



Using a BRING recycle polyester that makes clothes from clothes"Unhalf Drawing"Creates sweatshirts. This sweat will be released in limited quantities with a large LUNA logo.

This recycled polyester is a product that uses recycled raw materials that are collected and decomposed, and circulate resources that are exactly the environment of making clothes from clothes. It can be said that it is a UNHALF DRAWING product that is a "playback project". Although it is 100%polyester, it is a sweatshirt that realizes a cotton -like texture and feels like it is wrapped in a towel blanket. The appearance is modernly brushed up and is a little thick, but has excellent water absorption and drying, so it can be worn during exercise such as running or hiking on a chilly day. It is the appearance of non -sandals other than sandals as Luna Sandal brands.

Material: BRING MATERIAL (TM) 100%
Color: Gray
XS: Length 59.5/Width 53/Yuki 76
S: Length 61.5/Width 56/Yuki 78.5
M: Length 63.5/Width 59/Yuki 81
T: Length 66.5/Width 59/Yuki 83.5 (M size, long length)
L: Length 71.5/Width 63/Yuki 87


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