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Go further with our thickest Luna sandals.

Mono Gordo uses the same outsole as MONO, which is active in a wide range of fields, both in the mountains and around town, but is 19mm thick (including lugs), making it the thickest of the Luna sandals.

Therefore, if you run or walk for a long time, it will reduce damage more than other models.
The thickness also minimizes pain to the soles of your feet when you step on hard protrusions such as stones.

Enjoy the sense of freedom with Luna Sandals while enjoying the benefits of having a thickness that is different from other sandals.

Sizes are listed as men's US sizes.
We recommend that you wear these at a size that is approximately the same as the actual size of your feet. If you don't know the actual size, we recommend that if your running shoes have about 1cm of room for the toes, then wear shoes that are 1cm smaller.
Reference example) If you are wearing ALTRA running shoes US9 (27cm) and have about 1cm of extra space around your toes, we recommend purchasing US8 (26cm).
There is a difference in US notation for women's shoes compared to men's, so if you are wearing a women's US7 (24cm) and have about 1cm of extra space around your toes, US5 (23cm) will be a reasonable size.

*Notes when purchasing.
The sole of the sandal (the part you step on directly) may be dented when it arrives.
This is due to the effects of parts interfering with each other when packed in a small box, and the dent will disappear as soon as you take it out of the box. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

Weight: 241g (US9)
Thickness: Base 15mm + Lug 4mm
Sole: Non-Marking Vibram® Megagrip Outsole
Footbed: MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed


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