LUNA SANDALS Luna Sandals Mono Winged Edition


The Mono Winged Edition can now be worn by anyone with any heel shape thanks to the winging of the strap. It is significantly easier to wear than conventional straps, and the strap can be adjusted even when worn, making it much easier to use. In addition, durability has been dramatically improved by preventing the straps from rubbing against the ground.
The Mono series is the most versatile of LUNA SANDALS' series, and is a must-buy product before they run out of stock.
Enjoy great comfort in town, in the mountains, on the river, or anywhere else, and durability that cannot be compared to homemade Wallach.

As for the sizing, this is a men's US description.
We recommend that you wear these in approximately the same size as your actual foot measurement. If you do not know your actual size, we recommend that if your running shoes have about 1cm toe room, you should wear 1cm smaller from there.
Reference example: If you wear US9 (27cm) in ALTRA running shoes and there is about 1cm room in the toes, we recommend you to buy US8 (26cm).


Weight: 167g (Size 9)
Sole thickness: Base 11mm + lugs 4mm
Sole: Base 11mm +Lugs 4mmWaterproof Non-Marking Vibram® Morflex Sole
Footbed: MGT (Monkey Grip Technology)


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