LUNA Roots Builder Vernado


Close to the prototype. 

ROOTED is a traditional strap for fixing sandals.
This unprecedented traditional style sandals will bring you closer to the Tarahumara. The thickness of less than 10mm makes you feel the earth more.
Nevertheless, this leather footbed adds elegance, so you can use it anywhere, such as running, walking, and a cafe where you drop in.

The size is a men's US notation.
We recommend that you wear it in almost the same size as the actual size of your feet. If you do not know the actual size, we recommend that you wear a 1cm smaller one if you can afford about 1 cm of the running shoes.
Reference Example) If you wear US9 (27cm) with Altra running shoes and have enough room on your toes, it is recommended to purchase US8 (26cm).
Women's has a difference from the men's notation, so if you wear women's US7 (24cm) and have a room for about 1cm on your toes, US5 (23cm) is generally a reasonable size.

* Precautions when purchasing.
When it arrives, the sole part of the sandals (the part that is directly stepped on the foot) may be dented.
It is due to the effect of interfering with parts packed in a small box, and the dent is eliminated as it is out of the box. 

Weight: 158g (US9)
Thickness: foot bed 3mm + 7mm
Sole:Waterproof Non-Marking Vibram® MORFLEX SOLE


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