LUNA SANDALS Yubi socks Luna


From Stride's "Yubi Socks" seriesLUNA SANDALS" brand socks "LUNA" will be sold.

 Five-finger socks combining strong Cordura nylon and hybrid wool AXIOYUBI SOCKS PENTAhas been chosen by many people for its high durability and functionality.

Taking this material, LUNA Yubi Socks Luna are designed as tabi socks so that Luna sandals can be worn.

The material is cordura nylon.55%The material used is Cordura nylon, which is firm and durable. It is also made of a blend of polyester and wool.AXIOwhich is a blend of polyester and wool.43%Use.

This makes the sole less prone to blisters due to its excellent moisture absorbency and quick-drying diffusion properties. It is also characterized by its resistance to furballs despite being made of wool.

AndAXIOand the smooth comfort and seamless "AXIOWHOLE GARMENTThe shoes are knitted three-dimensionally using the "WHOLE GARMENT" method, which provides the best possible comfort. By changing the knitting method in parts, the midfoot is held firmly, and this allows the natural spreading of the toes to be realized. Recommended for those who have short pinky or ring toes and cannot fit in 5-toed shoes.

Luna sandals from the colder months. A perfect pair for running.
Of course, they can also be used outside of sandals for comfort.

Size (based on actual measurements)(UNISEX)
  • S:22.0cm~24.0cm
  • M: 24.5cm~26.5cm
  • L: 27.0cm~29.0cm
  • XL: 29.0cm~31.0cm

Material: Cordura Nylon: 55%, Hybrid Wool AXIO: 43%, Polyurethane: 2%.
Production: Made in Japan


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