Rab Love Terrace Tights Men's


Talus tights made of two weight Flexile ™ stretch fabrics are enhanced to wear. We provide all necessary protections while minimizing bulky, maximizing elasticity, and realizing optimal movement.

It has a deep and elastic waist band with a waist that is molded to improve the fit, and a gasset panel that improves comfort and complete movement. There is a pocket on both thighs, a zipper pocket on the rear, making it ideal for putting keys, mobile phones, gels, etc.

  • Use dual weight stretch Flexile ™ fabric
  • Comfortable and completely elastic waistband with a molded waist
  • Two thigh stash pockets
  • Back yoke pocket with integrated zipper ideal for storing mobile phones and gels
  • Flat rock stitch that is not bulky overall
  • Improves comfort by guts panel inserts
  • Reflective brand suitable for night running
  • Main: Polyamide 68%, Elastan 32%. Second: 85% Polyamide, 15% Eastan

Wearing size: 169cm57kg UK S (JPN M)


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