Lone Peak Hiker Mens (for loan hiker men)


New model of "Lone Peak", a masterpiece of Altra

Basic elements such as midsole, outsole rug pattern, stack height are the same as the Lone Peak5 and Lone Peak All-Wthr series,
The loan peak hiker does not have a stone guard, so you can feel the thrust from the ground, but it is a recommended pair for those who want to feel the sensation from the soles more.

For outsole, use the same DuradRead as the All-WTHR MID series.
It is a pair with excellent durability.

Because it is lightweight despite the mid -cut, it can be used not only in hiking but also in urban areas without any discomfort.

Weight: 327g (27.5cm actual measurement)
Stack height: 25mm
Midsole: Altra ego?
Outsole: DuraTRead? Rubber and TrailClaw?

The toe part has been reinforced
The "toe" part, which can be peeled off with a trail shoes even though it does not come off with road shoes, is the bonding of the "toe" part, but this time the rubber part of the sole is sewn directly in addition to the adhesion.

Midsole material
I use urethane material called Altra EGO.

Outsole pattern change
The rug is shallow and the feeling of catching the ground when walking on asphalt is reduced. In addition, the grip performance is finished so that there is no big difference due to the adjustment of the compound.

Around the shoes
For holes (shoe holes) and shoelaces that pass the shoe string, the structure does not create a gap. When it comes to the relationship between the upper and the shoe hole, it is the best shape that does not create a gap.

Heel cup
It is slightly harder compared to the loan peak 5 (normal model), and is made softer and supple than the loan peak all weather mid -cut. It is not as soft as the shoes for trail running, but it has a hardness without stress when walking in the mountains for a long time, and it is exquisite softness that is hard to get tired.


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