LEKI Leki Ultra Trail FX.ONE Super Light


a three-stage folding pole developed for the purpose of treelining

The design of the new development, "Trail Shark grip," was reduced to a limit by eliminating the aluminum parts of the joint part.The straps are capable of using a shak frame straps with a ventilation, and a treelining chip on the top.In every angle, the ground was firmly captured and power loss was low, and an ideal swing balance was achieved easily in front of the ground.

Globe is a removable glove that is not possible with a normal pole.I feel like I'm using a normal pole to feel the ability to walk the "fatigue" of the arm by holding the pole at all times, but it doesn't make sense if your arm is too tired to be panpan-like. With this glove installed, the stress from the time of pulling the pole and the constant grasp of the pole is halved.You can use a pole without always holding it, so you can act surprisingly. At the time of the installation, the glove and the pole are all together, and the power is created without a bare, so that the hill can be made light and light. If you don't want a pole, such as a lower slope or a flat land, you can easily remove the glove in a one-touch operation, so that you can wear it as soon as you need it, and you promise a light action.

The ultralight model, which uses materials such as aluminum and carbon, has been released from various carbon-based manufacturers, but it is sometimes considered to be a bit scary, because it is likely to be used in the mountains of Gangan, or to feel delicate and feel delicate in the actual use. However, this Ultra-Trail FX.ONE Super Light is a lightweight carbon specification of 120cm (a set) and is a lightweight carbon specification, but it has too much stiffness, even though it is not reinforced.The LEKI brand has long been able to feel the high degree of perfumery, such as the rigidity and swings, through the technology and know-how cultivated through tracking poles and ski poles for many years. When it is stored, it can be carried in a three-stage folding, easy to carry, and it can be carried in a mountain or race without stress.

Ratchet system
By pulling shafts together, the ratchet system can take tension locks and fix them.

This is the Trail Shark grip developed specifically for operational and lightweight treelansing, where PauCapell (Pau Kapel), one of the world's best trainers, does not have a thorough and repetitive test.The lighter weight of the grip is, of course, a lighter grip for 30 % by making the traditional shalk grip as a skeleton structure.

Trailrunning chip
A new-geometric basket-shaped chip.A lightweight compact and swinging balance is superior.

Micro Series
A micro series that is excellent in carrying out the three-fold folding style.It is a great attraction to be able to store in a compact, and it is also useful for moving in public transport.The internal concatenated code is protected by a clear tube and is up-to-strength.

Shark frame strap mesh
3D mesh fabrics, which are highly ventilable, are adopted by inheriting the shape of the shark strap.It is hard to steer even with sweat, and is a soft and light strap.

Strap Strap
Standard population of SML straps for models with a total length of up to 110cm
Standard population of MLXL straps for models with a total length of 115cm or more

It is a material that is superior to vibration mitigation and provides a more lightweight weight while keeping strength.

Weight:approximately 274g (gumi/120cm)
Size:35cm per cm/120cm
Diameter:14/12/12/12mm Carbon
Adjunct:Paul Staffsack


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