INNER FACT Inner Fact 5-finger middle


Five -finger socks with high dryness (moisture absorption and quick -drying) and durability

The fiber of hemp, which is called lamy (ramie), is used for seed fiber.
Ramy is the most durable among natural fibers, has a high sense of dryness, and has a characteristic that increases durability in humid, so it is the best material for socks that absorb sweat in shoes. The five fingers are most likely to feel the dryness, and they are comfortable without cramped because they are secured.

In addition, we believe that it is the best material for situations that are likely to get wet depending on the weather and environment, such as trail runs, adventure races, and Ultran, among the outdoors.It is a simple sock that dares to eliminate functionality such as non -slip and compression, and focus on how to reduce the trouble and stress of the competitors.

⚫︎Fold the return part of the ankle to the outside and flat
By bringing the unevenness of the return of the ankle to the outside, the surface that hits the skin is processed flat. Ultralan, trail run, and adventure races are not unusual for tournaments with a mileage of several hundred kilometers, and there are many cases where competition time is multiple days, so even if you wear it for a long time, you can reduce baking and scratches. Is placed outside.

⚫︎ Length that focuses on the fit of the toes
If the fabric of the toes is short, tension is applied to the fingertips, which can be easily broken or the toes are pulled, causing the floating fingers, causing the trunk. In addition, if the fabric does not reach the crotch of the toe, sweat and water may accumulate in the gap due to surface tension, which can cause wrinkles and may cause problems such as threads and beans.

⚫︎ Length of length that does not interfere with shoes
Short length + 5cm to prevent sunburn between tights and socks, gaps between ankles and socks, so that pebbles enter.

Raw materials: Ramy (ramie), nylon, polyurethane, polyester
Size: S/22-24cm/M/25-27cm/L/28-30cm
* If you select it due to the characteristics of fiber, it will shrink, so it is made larger in consideration of shrinkage. As you wash it, it will be as described in size. If a dryer is used, the shrinkage will be very large, so please refrain from using the dryer.


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