Injinji WS Ultra Run Minicrew


The "Ultran" series is a model that provides the best comfort and cushioning. In addition to the "arch support" and "mesh top panel" of the Rans series, the cushioning properties have been evolved by applying pile braid to the tip of the finger with unique sewing technology. This series is especially recommended for those who want to reduce the burden on the soles, such as long -distance runners, long trail runners, and entry users.

● Heel tab
Protect your feet from abrasions

● Arch support & protect cushion
Pile knitting of peace of mind that relieves the impact of the soles

● Water absorption quick -drying fabric
Cool Max and dry feet

● Mesh top
Outstanding breathability, cool and comfortable

● Pile knitting to the toe
Comfortable comfort is wraped to fingertips

It is a new material developed exclusively for socks. Cool max, which is excellent in water absorption and quick -drying, cordura with excellent wear resistance, and reproducible expansion material lycla, further evolved the durability, quick -drying, and comfortable comfort. In the infinity, it is used in the RUN series, the Trail series, and the LINER series, and it is excellent in durability and quick -drying water in a harder situation.

Size: XS/S (21.5-25cm)
Material / Cool Max 33 %, 64 % nylon, 3 % Licra
Washing: Fishing, no bleach, no ironing, no dry cleaning


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