INJINJI Injinji Outdoor MW Mini Crew Wool



Outdoor series

The humidity adjustment function that is provided because it is wool material is more comfortable than chemical fiber socks because it drys the touch. It can also be expected to have a natural deodorant effect, so it is recommended for long and long -term activities, trolan, etc.

Impinence is a 5 -finger sock that can be worn without stress as much as you can close your eyes. It is very useful for several years if it has a very high durability and one pair. The feeling of use is very good, and the balance with heat retention is perfect even if you wear it for a long time.

● Arch support
Comfortable fit
● Mesh top
Outstanding breathability
● Wool
Stuffy humidity control function & deodorant effect

Size: S / 23-25cm M / 25-27cm L / 27.5-29cm
material:71 % Merino wool, 26 % nylon, 3 % of Likla


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