IBEX Ibex Journey Short Sleeve Crew Men's


Hiking, travel, everyday, anytime

"Weightless Wool"
Involved in ultra -thin melino fibers in a nylon filament to achieve a lightweight and durable 150GSM fabric. Core spinning allows only Merino fiber close to the skin, and nylon can increase the durability of this all -season fabric without impairing breathability or deodorant properties.

What is IBEX?
Since its founding in 1997, it has been a luxurious, excellent functionality, and has been released with a sustainable material that is a sustainable material that is gentle on the global environment.
Ibex goat that can climb a steep and steep rock wallMountainousnessWild goat) is the origin of the brand name.

All farms used in IBEX are regularly checked, sheep is treated with respect, and the best way to protect land is taken.Is confirmed.

Material: 89%Merino wool / 11%nylon
Weight: 142g (S size)
Layer: First
Weight (S):18.5 microns
Thickness of thread:150 grams2

Men's size guide

bust Waist neck arm inseam
S 91〜97 73.6〜78.8 35.5〜36.9 81.2〜83.8 76.2〜78.7
M 99〜104.2 81.2〜86.3 38.1〜39.4 83.8〜86.4 78.7〜81.3
L 106.6〜11.8 86.3〜93.9 40.4〜42 83.8〜86.4 78.7〜81.3

* CM notation


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