IBEX Eye Bex Shack Beanie Unisex


Merino wool double knit
Classic style beanie

"Merino Ponti"

Ponti, which also serves as a mid -layer and outer layer, is 100 % Merino wool and is double braided to increase heat retention. The interlocking structure that makes use of the original elasticity of the Merino wool allows the elasticity of the Merino wool to move on the north side of the mountain or reach the last ridgeline. Merino Ponti is the perfect material for Shack Collection, named after Sir Ernest Shaklton. This fabric, named after Lord Shaklton, Antarctic explorer, supports all exploration.

What is IBEX?

Since its founding in 1997, it has been a luxurious, excellent functionality, and has been released with a sustainable material that is a sustainable material that is gentle on the global environment.
Ibex goat that can climb a steep and steep rock wallMountainousnessWild goat) is the origin of the brand name.

All farms used in IBEX are regularly checked, sheep is treated with respect, and the best way to protect land is taken.Is confirmed.


Material: 100% Merino wool
size:50.8 cm (Berman around)
Layer: First
Weight (S): 19.0 microns
Thickness of thread: 375 grams2


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