HYDRAPAK SPEED CUP 200ml (Hydra Pack Speed ​​Cup)


"Speed ​​Cup" is a "lace cup" that is increasingly used in trail running races.
It is a solution for quick and easy hydration, as well as an “eco cup”.

It is a very lightweight, repetition of repeated use, and is recommended for mountain climbing, hiking, and backpacking as a cup that can be stored very compactly. Comes with a convenient ring for mobile phones.

It is a set of two sets.

・ Ultra -lightweight
・ Eco cups that can be used repeatedly
・ It can be stored compactly
·Set of 2

Material: Ultradulable TPU
Weight: 10g
Size 102 x 64mm

Hydrapak, a brand that is not an exaggeration to say that the soft flask world is dominant, produces OEMs such as Salomon and NATHAN with OEM. By adopting only the balance of materials that are never used for OEM products, only the company's products boast durability and abrasion resistance that set it apart from other companies' OEM products.


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