Houdini Hoodini Women's Enfold Jacket


Combined with high -performance materialsJacket

An innovative jacket that combines high -performance materials has been born in a universal style that fits over the times. Use C9 Ripstop ™, which is excellent in windproof and breathable, durable water repellent (DWR) processed (DWR) processed for the outer fabric, and uses Primaloft®_ Gold Active +that does not impair the heat retention even if it gets wet. I am.

The front and closing of the front is a button specification, a mesh pocket on the inside, a pocket on both sides, and a zipper pocket with a packable function inside the right pocket. It has the functionality corresponding to outdoor activities, but can be worn in a much wider scene, so it can be worn as a mid -layer under the shell or as an outer alone.We use regular fit design.

Weight: 242g

Material: Main Fabric: C9 RIPSTOP ™ 70% RecycleD Polyester +, 55% Recycled Polyester, 45% Polyester


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