Hoshinoin Sole B+SG Stop & Go

STOP & GO adopts a slightly harder material to provide support to ensure intense movement. It reduces the burden on knees and waist while leading to an improvement in performance and prevents disability. In addition, it is recommended to use it in everyday life for women for hallux valgus or open feet (octopus is formed at the base of the toes). Ideal for spike shoes, basketball, volleyball, etc. with many horizontal movements and trail running. There are antibacterial, deodorant, and mold function. The surface of the insole does not absorb water, so even if it is wet, wipe it with a towel and it dries immediately. Hoshinoin Sole B + series is This is an insole for adjusting the balance of the foot. The left and right insoles correct the left and right balance. The height of the kakato and the toes are the same (droppless) Obrieque shape that does not press the toes How to match the size Let's measure the size first Choose a size based on the actual measured values ​​of your feet The notation of the product is posted as the measured value of the foot Align the heel and adjust the position of the thumb's ball of the foot The point to be careful is the position of the thumb ball, even if the measured values ​​of the feet are the same. (Especially people with long toes are easy to slip) Once the size is decided, put it in your shoes Pull out the insole in the shoes and cut the tip according to the figure.

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