Houdini Hoodini Men's Cover Tea


Functional and comfortable simple T -shirt

The WISH WOVEN ™ fabric, which is made of very precise recycling polyester, is soft, has a cotton -like touch and two -way stretment flexibility.

In addition, it has a breathability and durability that can be used hard and hard, and has excellent quick -drying properties, so all kinds of summer, from play on the waterside to camp and daily life, such as trekking, running, and beaches. Suitable for. We use regular fit design.

material:WISH WOVEN & TRAE; 70% Recycled Polyester 30% Polyester

Measuring data

 Size /unit: CM XS S M L XL XXL
 Width 97 103 109 115 121 127
 Hem width 95 101 107 113 119 125
 Length (Front) 58 59 61 63 65 67
 Sleeve Length 21 22 23 24 25 26

Please forgive the error for major measurement.


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