EVERNEW Evanew Ti Solo Pot NH


Pot equipped with flame retardant silicon ring for the world's first outdoor
For UL (Ultra Light) hikersCooker handleremoval,The flame retardant silicon band can hold a handle -less cooker directly by hand, so you can make subtle adjustments when pouring hot water.

Good thermal conductivity by factory craftsmen in Tsubame City, Niigata PrefectureIt enables processing technology that can provide durability with a thin titanium of 0.3mm thick. Aluminum material has better thermal conductivity,It is easy to add fine heat, but titaniumTo form a powerful oxide filmThe flavor of food and drinks is less likely to hurt, delicious and easy to eat.

Also, in the scaleIt is engraved with 160ml (alpha rice), 330ml (cup noodle refill), and 400ml (boiled), and you can see the amount of water required for each.

It is possible to store gas cartridges and stove heads, which are the charm of deep pots.
Potriter "NABETSUCAM" is available

Size: Diameter 97 x depth 100mm
Capacity: 550ml (with scale)
Mass: 76g (including silicone ring)
Material: Pure titanium (domestic manufacturing)
Country of Origin: Japan

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