ENEMOTI Walnut rice cake / amazake flavor

Relaxing energy replenishment with Palachi North®. Palachi North® is a sugar in the natural world with gentle digestion and absorption and various physiological effects. Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. focuses on the usefulness of this carbohydrate, which contains a small amount of honey, so that the power of the enzyme of microorganisms is used to sugar, so that the power of the microorganisms can be mass -produced for the first time. became. Endurance sports (endurance sports), which needs energy for a long period of time, is an essential condition for leaving the sugar, which is the source of energy. To realize a gentle replenishment that leads to the results, the characteristics of the parachinose® slow -calorie are effective. Many athletes have realized that carbohydrates with fast digestion and absorption are "cut" quickly, and carbohydrates with slow digestion and absorption are "holding". By blending a carbohydrate parentinose® slowly absorbed into the energy food, we support the feeling of continuing to work hard until the end. ENEMOTI is an energy food that has evolved for endurance sports so that you can use rice after rice. The manufacturer is Tengudo Treasure Ship, which is familiar with "Kibidango", which has been popular as Hokkaido famous confectionery. The company's walnut mochi, which became the base of ENEMOTI, is loved by many people with crispy and walnut texture and natural sweetness of rice. This is a new supplement of Nippon, which is a long -established manufacturer who has been particular about natural raw materials, and has been re -elaged for more active sports scenes. New flavor □ "Amazake taste" appeared. Contents: 1 Real/Approximately 40g ・ Energy 156kcal ・ Contains parachinose Nutritional component display (per unit) Energy 156kcal / protein 1.9g / fat 3.1g / carbohydrate 30.0g (carbohydrate 29.3 g / dietary fiber 0.7g) / equivalent of salt 0.1 g □ "Walnut rice cake" Contents: 1 Real/Approximately 40g ・ Energy 145kcal ・ Contains parachinose Nutritional component display (per unit) Energy 145kcal, carbohydrate 27g (carbohydrate 26.4g), protein 1.6g, fat 3.4g, salt equivalent 0.1g

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