Drymax Drymax Ultra Thin Ski Socks


Socks for cold weather activities

Even in cold weather, during activities that make you sweat a lot, such as skiing or snowmobiling, boots and socks can cause problems by getting wet, cold, and uncomfortable.
Wet socks draw heat from the skin 23 times faster than dry socks.

This causes a rapid drop in skin temperature, making wet feet painfully cold and more prone to frostbite and chafing.

Staying dry is essential for keeping warm, comfortable and safe in cold weather.

The dual layer design creates a self-contained moisture removal system that keeps feet dry and comfortable in cold conditions. This self-contained system is very important because the enclosed environment of the ski boot does not give moisture the potential to evaporate.


Material: 56% DryMax/olefin, 32% polyester, 4% elastane, 8% nylon
Length: Over Calf

 Size (Actual Foot Size)

S: 22.0-24.0cm
M: 24.5 to 26.5cm
L: 27.0-28.5cm


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