drymax drymax trail running 1/4 crew


Trail socks combining rugged construction

The drymax trail running 1/4 crew can be used as either a long or short length sock by folding back the hems. The fold back hem allows you to adjust to the environment, whether it's the cooler temperatures at higher elevations in the mountains or the cold ankles between the pants and the shoes.

Drymax has taken the feedback from top trail runners and used their technology to create a sock specifically for trail running. The DryMax Trail Running 1/4 Crew features a two-layer construction that pushes moisture outward, allowing the inner DryMax fibers to absorb moisture from the skin and move it to the outer layer, where it is efficiently released, keeping the inside of the shoe dry for extended periods of time.

The DryMax Trail Running 1/4 Crew uses an intermediate level of padding to provide ample cushioning without altering the fit of the shoe.


Length: 1/4 Crew Turndown
Thickness: Thick
65% DryMax/olefin, 20% polyester, 7% elastane, 8% nylon


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