Drymax Dry Max Light Trail running 1/4 crew


Light Trail Run Socks are dymax's number one selling trail socks

One of the most popular socks in the trail running category.
The "Light Trail Running" series is one of the most popular Drymax socks, especially in Japan, where it has the largest number of users.

The socks feature a two-layer construction that pushes moisture outward, with the inner Drymax fibers absorbing moisture from the skin and moving it to the outer layer, where it is efficiently released outward, keeping the inside of the shoe dry for extended periods of time and preventing blisters caused by friction.

The socks are made with the best balance of the major points of socks for trail running, such as dryness, durability, cushioning, and cost performance. Once you use these socks, you will keep coming back to them.


Length: 1/4 crew turndown
THICKNESS: 1/4crewThick
Material: 65% Drymax/olefin, 20% polyester, 7% elastane, 8% nylon

Size (actual foot size)

S: 22.0-24.0cm
M: 24.5 to 26.5cm
L: 27.0-28.5cm

Check out this video for the overwhelming difference of DryMax socks


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