Drymax Drymax Light Trail Running Crew


drymax sales number one trail sock crew length

Light Trail Running] series boasts one of the largest numbers of users in Japan. Light Trail Run socks are the number one selling trail socks from dymax.

The Light Trail Run Socks have been updated from previous models and are lighter in weight overall. Also, advances in weaving technology have resulted in a breakthrough in appearance, a seamless toe, and the elimination of thread ends next to the foot that can cause irritation and blistering The LiteTrailRun is versatile for all trails.

Drymax's unique Dual-Layer Sweat Removal System uses a two-layer construction that pushes moisture outward, allowing the inner Drymax fibers to absorb moisture from the skin and move it to the outer layer, where it is efficiently released outside, keeping the inside of the shoe dry for extended periods of time. This keeps the inside of the shoe dry for an extended period of time and prevents blisters caused by friction. Check out this video to see the overwhelming difference of DryMax socks!


Length: Crew
Thickness: ThickThick
Material: 65% Drymax/olefin, 20% polyester, 7% elastane, 8% nylon

Size (actual foot size)

S: 22.0-24.0cm
M: 24.5 to 26.5cm
L: 27.0-28.5cm


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