Ultimate Direction Crew Roll


Whether you support someone on the trail or spend time in the car, this bag will help you organize the gear. Equipped with a dedicated pocket that can store necessities safely and store bottles, supplements, shoes, etc. The entire bag is flat like tool roll, so you can spread it in the race venue, hook it on a car roof and hang it in various ways.

When moving, it can be rolled up and carried over the shoulder. Now you can enjoy a trail trip without the trail, even when you are tired in the morning, even when you are tired.



・ Discovered by Appalatian Trail Journey, a recorded record of Scott JUREK
・ Lace support/hiking/road/trip/Ekiden/gym bag/Multipperen mobile kit that can be used for multiple purposes
・ Uses "Clear Visoron ™ Fabric" where you can see the storage in the bag
・ Equipped with shoes storage -only compartment
・ Easy access to the inner pocket on a tree or car seat
・ Convenient to carry as a back pack or shoulder back
・ Easy access to all storage items if you spread it fully
・ Food/First Aid/Storage Slot Equipment for Lust
・ The storage pocket is detachable and the storage gear can be easily replaced and easy to use.

Product Specifications

Weight: 531 g
Capacity: 30 L
Material: 100 denier, reinforced contrast, lip stop, nylon, power, span stretch mesh, Clear Visoron ™ fabric


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