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Collecto is a high-quality toe spacer designed for people suffering from abnormal toe alignment (deformity disorder).

It is especially recommended for people who have fallen arches and cannot open their bunions even when wearing shoes with a wide toe box, such as Altra.

Put on your shoes with the Collect Toe in place and start walking.

Even though it may feel uncomfortable at first, once you get used to it, your toes will widen and you will achieve natural toe alignment.

The shoes can be molded to fit a variety of foot shapes, so anyone can use them.

Dr. Ray McClanahan, the inventor of the Collecto, was an elite long-distance runner and one of the first "podiatrists" in the U.S., which is already one of the most popular specialties of physicians.
He had many problems during his athletic career and used a variety of approaches to deal with them.
Plantar plates, pain medications, and even surgery did not seem to be the perfect treatment.
No matter what treatment he received, he could not cure the root cause of the problem.
We changed our thinking from "suppressing" the symptoms to "treating the root cause," and this is how we arrived at "Collect Two.

Dr. Ray's findings
After reading various literature, analyzing the movements of many runners, and studying the running of barefoot running practitioners, he came to one conclusion.

Natural Toe Spray" is the most important factor for long-term foot health.

[Collect Toe Features.
The only toe spacer made of medical grade silicone that can be used inside shoes (naturally shaped shoes), while walking or running, it is soft and does not damage the toes, yet is strong enough to hold them in place.

It is most effective when the center of gravity is on the foot, and is the most reliable and widely used toe spacer in the medical field in the United States.

The size notation is for overseas market, but when converted to Japanese size, the size range is as follows.
XS (~ approx. 21.0cm)
S (~21.0-25.5cm)
M (~ 25.5-28.5cm)
L (approx. 28.5cm-)


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