Realize running beyond the limit of GPS

COROS POD 2, which is very lightweight and excellent in waterproofing, can get a higher accuracy running data by attaching it to shoes and waist. With optimized hardware and algorithms, pod 2 detects movement from the feet or waist and provides data. You can connect to the COROS watch and display data in real time, so you can always get accurate information on training and lace.

Problems you have now

GPS technology is very wonderful, but not perfect.

  • Satellite data is disturbed by high buildings.
  • The display of the pace causes a delay of up to 10 seconds.
  • Indoor running cannot be measured correctly.

Our solution

POD 2 can solve the most common GPS watch during running, such as data delays, weak radio waves, and satellite positioning confusion.POD 2 directly detects movements from the feet, improves data accuracy, and quickly senses pace, so you can support smarter and efficient training.

Real -time pace that can be obtained instantly

The high -accuracy acceleration sensor mounted on POD 2 allows data directly from your feet and displays instant pace in the Coros watch. GPS watches, which measure the position of hundreds of miles away, usually have a delay of up to 10 seconds. Pod 2 solves this.The pace alert built into POD 2 allows you to display the pace almost in real time, even if the GPS signal is weak.

Higher accuracy indoors

Pod 2 can measure accurate mileage indoors from the pace detected in almost real -time.By plotting your foot movement on the XYZ plane, you can automatically calibrate the stride and distance running on indoor trucks and treadmills.It is the best partner for indoor running in winter or in bad weather.

More stable in urban areas

GPS is often interfered. When passing through the tunnel or in the city center where high -rise buildings are located, the data of the clock pace and distance may be shifted, causing GPS tracking. Pod 2 isThe data collected from various built -in sensors can be analyzed to automatically correct the pace rising, descending, and GPS disorder.Combined with POD 2, COROS watches are more stable during running data.

More accurate in the mountains

When running, not all courses are flat. The adjustment pace is a COROS -specific indicator that shows how much power you actually used on the slope. Coros Pod 2 provides real -time data, further improving the accuracy of the adjustment pace.Pod 2 is about 5 times faster than the standard GPS, so it can be analyzed faster and better after the workout is over.

Lightweight and weather resistance

The weight is only 5.6gIt is so light that you forget that you are wearing it during training and racing. Pod 2 on the road or mountainFrom below freezing to high temperatures (14 ° F to 140 ° F / -10 ° C to 60 ° C)It can be done and has waterproofing up to 3ATM.

Detect environmental temperature

Pod 2 records the temperature during running, so you can accurately grasp the heat and cold during activity. You can analyze running data more finely when training in different climate and seasons.

Detailed running indicators

POD 2 can automatically detect the positions attached to the shoes and waist, and have abundant running indicators.
-L/R balance
-The ground time
-Poul movable
-The vertical ratio

Overwhelming operating time

POD 2 is equipped with a powerful battery that can be operated without charging for several weeks. For pod 2Includes a portable charging dock that can be fully charged 5 timesThere is no worry about running out of battery.

  • Up to 28 hours continuous operation
  • Total operation of up to 140 hours (combined with a charging dock battery)

Easy installation

Pod 2 can be easily attached to shoes or waist. If you are not moving, wait and keep the battery.

  1. PAIR: Add pod 2 to the Coros app and automatically pair with the connected clock.
  2. Clip: Attached to shoes and waist. After running, you can leave it on your shoes.
  3. GO: Started running mode and instantly obtain real -time indicators.


I don't have a COROS watch, can I use pod 2?
-Pod 2 can always be used by pairing with COROS watch.

Can pod 2 measure power?
-An, pod 2 uses the adjustment pace. The adjustment pace can easily understand personal data.

How does pod 2 improve the training effect?
-Pod 2 can provide more accurate information, which is useful for training after workout. The data displayed in the Coros Training Hub will tell you your strengths and missing points. This provides the best data as possible and further improves training and performance.

How is the pod supported during the race?
-The pod 2 provides the following support during the race. By utilizing the adjustment pace, you can more understand how much power you have used in the height difference of the course. The exact pace obtained in real time is also useful for pace distribution. The GPS delay is almost eliminated in POD 2 and you can know the exact pace, so do not intentionally adjust the pace.That's done.

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