COROS Calosbertics 2 Calabiner


Vertix 2 dedicated carabiner

The second -generation carabiner built according to the skillful climber's request and prepared for those who want to wear Vertix 2 from his wrist and want to wear it, keeps the clock in a place that can be easily reached when needed. To do.Whether you are climbing a technical crack climbing route or hiking in the wilderness, complete GPS tracking will continue to work without any problems with a completely new carabiner.If you want to keep tracking your heart rate data, pairing with an external heart rate monitor will not miss your heart rate.
* Clock is not included in the product.

It is compatible with only Vertix 2 
Weight: 40g
Thickness: 8.7mm
Material: Aluminum alloy+polyamide
It is not made as a UIAA certified climbing safety device.
It is not suitable for motion sensing data such as cadence, number of rope jumping, and number of muscle training times.


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