Chimera Everyday


Contents: 300g

CHIMERA EVERYDAY is a food that helps the body adjust the fat stored in the body so that it can be easily used as energy. Among them, it contains many nutrients necessary for those who enjoy endurance sports such as ultramarathons and trail running. The main ingredient is MCT (medium chain fatty acids), which contains a well-balanced combination of minerals and other elements necessary for long-term exercise and amino acids that are depleted. One bag lasts about 1 month. Please try it for a month first.

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 Recommended for these people!

✔ Feeling hungry while exercising
✔ Have you ever stopped receiving supplementary food?
✔ Have you ever experienced a lack of energy?
✔ I feel sleepy while exercising
✔ My insides feel sick
✔ Food for action is heavy and my shoulders are stiff.
✔ Easy to gain weight and difficult to lose weight

■How to use Enjoy by adding it to your favorite drink or dish.
■Notes - When using for the first time, please gradually increase the amount using 1 tablespoon (approximately 10g).

・Eating the powder directly or consuming a large amount at one time may cause your stomach to become loose.
・Do not put it in polystyrene containers such as instant noodles. The container may deteriorate.
・After opening, close the zipper and consume as soon as possible.
-Do not store in the refrigerator as it is hygroscopic.

Please also check out our blog for more information on product usage and FAT ADAPTATION.
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Nutritional information (per 10g)
Energy 70.5kcal/Protein 0.78g/Fat 6.43g/Carbohydrate 2.37g/Salt equivalent 0.128g
Medium chain fatty acids 5.71g


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