Black Diamond

Black Diamond Black Diamond Distance Windshell Men's


Super lightweight Water-repellentWind shell

Ultra -light weight windbreaker ideal for light & fast mountain activity. Uses innovative water -repellent processing and GTI technology in partnership with Green theme International. PFC-free and small environmental impact, which is more water-repellent than conventional C-6/C-8/C-0DWR processing. In addition, since the water -repellent ingredients are penetrated each of the fiber, there is no need to add additional spray or water -repellent finish. It can be stored compactly in the chest pocket and can quickly respond to changes in the climate during action.

Food corresponding to helmets
Despite being a lightweight and compact shell, the hood has a volume corresponding to the installation of a helmet. The mouth is equipped with a flap overlapping to zippers. Even if the front zipper is completely closed, the zipper can be used comfortably without directly touching the mouth.

Food volume adjustment
The back of the hood is equipped with a draw code to adjust the volume of the hood. By adjusting properly, you can ensure the visibility, and prevent it from falling off or blowing in the wind.

Design that does not hinder the movement of the arm
We adopt a spacious design on the armpit so as not to hinder trail running or raising skills in mountain climbing.

Cuff closure
The cuffs have a simple closure with elastic shear ring to ensure a fit.

Zipper chest pocket
Chest pockets that are easy to access during action are useful functions suitable for storing frequently used items such as behavioral foods and maps.

Hem closure
The hem has a closure with a bungee code. By closing this, you can prevent the hem flap and the wind from blowing in the bad weather. In addition, it is possible to adjust the heat retention and sweat -shiri relief depending on how it is closed.

Staff bags are not required because the body can be stored in the chest pocket. It is an indispensable function for light and fast packing that emphasizes lightness.

material:Lightweight nylon lip stop+DWR water -repellent (100%nylon, 30g/m2)
weight:98g (M size)

Head Office: Hoshi
Climbing brand BD window shell. Because the breasts and arms are more relaxed than the running brand, it is a model that is easy to move and those who are good at gatai. The water -repellent processing is also quite water -repellent, so you can go if it is light rain.

Wearing size: 169cm57kg S size


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