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Distance packCompact model

The Distance Pack series that incorporates scrambling, climbing, and mountain climbing ease of use while incorporating the running pack format. Distance 8 is a compact model suitable for trail running and scrambling. Since 2023, it has been divided into men's models and women's models, and it has an integrated structure from the back to the side, improving the fit. In addition, the position of the soft flask pocket has been high, and the jumping up of the driving shoulder belt has been reduced.

・ Women -only design that cleans shoulders and chest lines
・ Improve fit than conventional models
・ Stretch side panel that prevents jumping and fits perfectly
・ UHMWPE lipstop with strong torn strength
・ Stitchless edge taping technology
・ Integrated body Z Paul Sleeve that can be quickly taken out during action
・ Carry system that can quickly and detach the Z pole while running
・ Dual side compression
・ Soft flamed pocket (Soft flask is sold separately) × 2
・ Shoulder belt zipper pocket (whistle is included inside)
・ Shoulder belt stretch pocket x 2
・ Side stash pocket x 2
・ Internal zipper pocket (with key clip)

material:Diinex (nylon 100d + PE 200d)
size:The lower ribs or the bust permanent
S = 60cm-75cm
M = 67cm-85cm
L = 80cm-100cm


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