Black Diamond

Black Diamond Black Diamond Moji


Camping lanterns that can be used for multiple purposes, such as hanging, leaving them on a table.

The 2022 model increased the illuminance from 100 lumens to 150 lumens. It has evolved into a dual fuel model that can use either BD1500 battery (sold separately) or alkaline batteries.

・ BD1500 battery or alkaline batteries (sold separately) can be used
・ Glossy squirt that produces natural lighting
・ Easy to hang double hook
・ IPX4 (not affected by the splashes of fresh water from any direction)

All light bundles:150 lumen
Battery life:100 hours (low illuminance)
battery:AAA alkaline battery x 3 (sold separately)
size:Diameter 7cm x height 4.5cm (actual measurement)


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