BIGSKY BIG SKY Insulite Pouch Large


Cozzy for ultralight, high-function material (thermo-temperature bag)

Aluminium film is used for the poles, and aluminium film is used for the dough to increase the temperature of the fabric.
The "Almipot" made by Lotus, which is made of Lotus, plays an active role in various scenes in size.

It's even bigger than the conventional cyes.6The can of the book is large enough to contain the cans of the books and the ice racks, and the favorite drinks are to be kept warm and cooled.The opening and closing mouth is a roll-toff, and it is also available as a carry-hant.

Freeze: freeze-dry food in hot water
When I want to take a cold beer to the mountains,
As the boost of a thermo-warming bottle

Sys:30cm × 40cm
Available Sys:30cm × 30cm
Folding Sold:30cm × 10cm

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