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* Wide model for those with a wide foot width. The insole -based foot width is about 7,8mm different from the normal model. Run On Performance. Luxurious cushions and the most popular "Torin" series that is very comfortable with long -time running The new Torin5 is designed to go on it, while keeping the good part of the big hit model. New midsole "Altra EGO ™ Max Midsole" The completely new premium ALTRA EGO MAX form realizes a light and luxurious comfort while maintaining a cushioning running comfort. Despite the 28mm stack height, it realizes ultra -light and light foot handling. From everyday training to marathon, Torin 5 offers a true Altra running experience. "Brable mesh" The knit material used in the conventional model for the upper is changed, and a mesh material with outstanding breathability is used. Partially achieved a structure with increased durability. Improvement of shoe race system Increases the number of eyelets (holes to pass through shoelaces) than conventional models to improve fit. There is another eyelet outside the middle foot, so those who want to strengthen the hold or those who have a thin center of the feet can customize to improve the fit. With a comfortable fit, Torin prevents the legs from moving in the shoes, and only the toes are naturally stretched. Redified the traditional "Torin", which was the best -selling road shoes. New cushions, the best fit, and breathability that reduces stress even in long -term actions. With the new Torin, let's run further and more comfortably. Weight: US7.5 (206g) Midsole: Altra EGO ™ Max Midsole Outsole: Hood Pod ™ technology Cushion: Hyukushin Stack height: 28mm Upper: Engineering Mesh (BREATHABLE MESH) ◇ Size It is much larger than usual. The foot width of the insole base is different from the normal model of about 7-8mm. If you have a wide foot width, you may want to choose a size of about 1.0cm smaller than the conventional ALTRA shoes. It is also recommended for customers who are usually narrow and cannot be worn.

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