ALTRA Altra ProVision 7 Men's

$105 $132

Innovative shoes that provide just the right amount of support and help you take the next step

A pair with GuideRail technology on the inside.
This provides excellent stability and supports a smooth flow from a secure landing to toe-off. They are also significantly lighter than other GuideRail-equipped models.

In addition, with an excellent fit from heel to forefoot, your feet will be hooked from the moment you put them on.
They let you run comfortably from daily jogging to long distance running.

Weight: 274 g (Mens US10.5 / 28.5cm)
Midsole : Altra EGO™.
Outsole: Altra EGOFootPod™ Outsole
Cushioning: High
Stack height: 28mm
Upper: HighBreathable engineered mesh


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