Altra Paradigm5 Mens (Altra Paradigm 5 Men)

Paradigm 5, which is the most upgraded version of Altra road shoes As shoes that balance high cushioning, stability, and durability, the concept is the same as the concept from the first generation. With this update, it has been changed to engineiard mesh upper. Mesh upper, which is well dried and difficult to retain water, improves the comfort when using it for a long time, lighter and breathable than a knit. In addition, the material of the shoe tongue has also been changed, and it is also released from the stress of tightening the instep. Weight: 341g (27.5cm actual measurement) Stack height: 30mm Upper: Engineered mesh Midsole: Altra EGO ™ ️ Outsole: FootPod ™ ️ Technology Support: Guiderail ™ ️ System, Stability Pod The manager of the store manager Altra's paradigl series seems to be approaching one completion form while adding, pulling, or changing the materials. In the early days, the cushion part called the midsole uses EVA, and the midsole from EVA to Altra EGO in Paradigm4. And the upper has been changed from mesh to knit material, and outsole has been changed to full rubber. The lightness and cushioning characteristics of EVA are used in many cushions such as HOKA ONEONE, which are well compared, but if you try to maintain the thickness and maintain the lightness, the foam rate of the air will increase and the durability will decrease. It will be. This is a trade -off relationship, and it seems that all manufacturers are looking for optimized balance at this time. Altra ego, which is a long time and long distance, is slightly heavier than EVA and has the elasticity that produces a rebound at the same time, making it more promoted and pushed forward. 。 Then, the rubber part of the part in contact with the ground called the outsole was only partially stuck to the weight reduction, so the durability was further improved by the full rubber pasting. The upper has been changed from a mesh to a knit at the time of Paradigm4, and the durability and stability as a shoe have improved, but it feels like a mesh has been changed due to the balance of breathability and dryness. Looking at the status of the updates so far, I think this PARADIGM5 has the current overall balance of paradigm shoes. I think it will be updated to the future of the future again, but please experience the current point. In addition, a single note has become longer.

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