ALTRA Altra Lone Peak 7 Wide Women's

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LONE PEAK", ALTRA's signature work of high perfection

Now in its 11th generation, the "LONE PEAK" has undergone a full model change.
While the previous model only had a new upper, this new model has a new upper, outsole, and heel design.

The "good balance" is the number one feature that LONE PEAK continues to be loved by customers.It has "moderate grip" in various environments, does not lose the feeling of the sole, has "moderate cushioning" to prevent fatigue, and has a "fit" that is easy to use in various applications, whether hiking or running.

Main update points

The previous LONE PEAK 6's toe-offs had stitching throughout, but the new LONE PEAK 6's toe-offs have been updated to the new LONE PEAK 6's.The stitching has been reduced as much as possible, and the unevenness that causes snagging on the trail has been eliminated as much as possible to enhance the durability and comfort of the foot.

The lugs are placed in areas where force is applied during toe-off as well as four lugs are placed in areas where it is easy to land when landing from the outside of the heel when going downhill, from the previous balanced lug placement throughout the entire outsole, the outsole shape is now more traction-oriented.

Heel design
TPU support is added to the heel to improve stability from the outside. However, as with all ALTRA shoes, the heel counter is not strong, so freedom of movement is not hindered and stability is increased.


The "ORIGINAL" foot shape design gives you the most room in ALTRA shoes, so we recommend you to go down a half size from the other models you usually wear. If you are already wearing the previous model, you can keep the same size without any changes.

Weight: 261g (US8.5/25.5cm)
Midsole :Altra EGO™.
Outsole: MAXTRAC
Cushioning: Moderate
Stack Height: 25mm
Upper: Quick-Dry Air Mesh


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