Altra Lone Peak 6 Women's

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"Lone Peak", a masterpiece of Altra

Lone Peak, a trail icon model of Altra, has evolved further as the 10th "Lone Peak 6" counted since the first generation.

The number of calls in the United States is high, not only runners
Altra's face that gathers trust from many hikers
The feature is stress -free comfort.
Shoes that have been loved.

It is just an middle model in Altra's trail shoes.
In terms of the thickness of the cushion, the strength of the grip, and the weight, all of them are "well -balanced"
Such shoes.


weight:248gUS7.5 / 24.5cm
Stack height: 25mm
Midsole: Altra ego
Outsole: MAXTRAC

The changes from the previous work from "Lone Peak 5" are as follows.

1. Change of shoe hole
The shoe hole is at the middle point to improve the fit of the middle footSlightly outside the regular arrayIncreasing one by one to increase the fit around the instep even in a hard trail environment, and has a positive effect on stability.

2. Change of the forefoot gighter trap
Until the previous model, the forefoot had a dedicated bracket on the gator trap, but the metal fittings disappeared as it could be attached to the gighter, and when kicking out, there was no feeling of tightening of the forefoot, so you can run more smoothly.

3, Upper and design change
 It is a feature of this upper that it is difficult to enter sand while having a very high breathability in accordance with excellent quick -drying properties, but from this work.More because the hole in the drain hole has become larger, including the sideEven in scenes that cross the river or go through the muddy swamp, the water is drained in the shoes smoothly. The drain hole has become bigger,The toes are reinforced with materials like madguard.

4, heel cup
The angle of the heel cupSomewhat sharpIt has become deeper. The model of the previous work is to make a heel of shoesSome people hit a little bit of a little bit, soIt was a little gentle. In this work, the heel cup is slightly smaller,Nevertheless, it has an exquisite fit, so it has enough holding power to run without tying shoe string, which is very popular.A feeling of fit is obtained.

5, size
It is large. If you usually wear Altra shoes, you may want to choose a 0.5cm smaller one. Lone Peak 5 was a little bigger than the successive Lone Peak series, but this work is the same size. The staff also chose a 0.5cm smaller than the normal Altra size.


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