ALTRA Altra Escalante 3 Men's

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Refresh your run.

Escalante 3 that plays an active part in any scene anytime, anywhere

Update for the first time in about 2 years from the previous ESCALANTE2.5
Escalante features a moderate cushioning, stress -free front foot and moderately softness of the upper.It is a model that wraps your feet. Various models have been released from Altra, but the highly perfection comfort is the feature of Escalante 1. It realizes flexible shoes that cannot be realized with mesh upper or hard knits.

Escalante is active without choosing from jogging to speed practice, but for a simple design, it brings out a stable and high performance as usual.

◆ Main update points
Although it has been evaluated as a high degree of perfection even at the time of ESCALANTE2.5, the elasticity and response of the midsole are changed to the upper that is slightly harder than the previous work, and a higher fit is achieved. In addition, as the overall midsole approaches the ground from the upper, the installation area on the ground increases, so that the installation area on the ground increases, preventing wobble and unstable.

◆ Sightness
It became an upper with a higher fit than the previous work,There is no problem with the same size as the previous work. If you have a high instep or wide, please consider the size above.

Weight: 263g (28.5cm)
Stack height: 24mm
upper:Sock-Like Engineered Knit
Midsole: Altra ego
Footdhape: Standard

I used the previous ESCALANTE 2.5, so I decided to buy it immediately when it arrived.
It's the biggest feature of ESCALANTE when you put your feet, but now I feel the fit that sticks to my feet more than ever.
The material of the midsole has not changed, and altra ego has a moderate rebound and a moderate cushion, and a sense of stability due to a change in the midsole and heel shape, so I did not feel unstable even when I increased the speed!


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