ALTRA Altra Paradigm 6 Men's

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Next-Level Support.

We have raised the next -generation support shoes to a completely different level.
paradigm6Is brand newAltra ego maxMidsole is used to use a luxurious form to achieve a lightweight, cushioning, and reluctant driving comfort. Support as much as you need when you need itGuiderailTo promote better foot arrangement with (guide rail) and steps one step by step.InnovarchThe function of (Inovach) has evolved and installed. If you want comfort and support,Paradigm 6I recommend.

Support technology during runningInnovarch"Innovarch" The inhiba system has a support system installed under the arch when clinging a shoe string, preventing the arch from falling overly. At the same time, you can get a high fit that is suitable for individuals. Rather than simply lifting, it is an image of a sensor called a unique receptor on the soles of the foot reacts, and sends a signal to prevent any arches from falling into the brain. It adopts a propriefish set system, which is the ability to know where the feet and body are in the space without visual vision, and the runner's brain, body and legs are connected, and step by step one step. It will support you so that you can land.

Therefore, it helps a smooth and comfortable step without limiting the natural movement of the feet. Guide Rail It plays a role only when support is needed inside the foot so that the legs do not move too much outside.

Weight: US9.5 (305g)
Midsole: Altra EGO Max Midsole Cushion:
High cushion
Stack height: 30mm
Upper: Mesh upper

Popular paradigm as "Guidance shoes (meaning that it means to lead the way of running correctly)". In the past, it has a 30mm cushion and support function as a road Max cushion shoes, and it is loved by many people, and when walking, keeping running, and standing, it provides moderate support!


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