Altra Altra Olympus 5 Women's


A high -spec model popular for trail runners to hikers

OLYMPUS, a popular model lined up with Lone Peak, is known as a model that reduces the burden on the body for a long time and long distances with overwhelming cushioning performance, and is easy to enjoy, including a mountain runner running in a mountain that exceeds 100 km from a long hiker. It is a model that is familiar with hikers who want to walk.

The best trail model for all terrain can run through the trail. Max cushions provide feet protection and comfort, and the original foot shape ™ fit ensures a space where your feet fit naturally. You can enjoy the scenery all day with the upper and grip -powered outsole with good breathable engineering mesh.

The update of this work has a height so that the heel of the heel color is attached to the Achilles tendon, and the shoe fits the constriction from the ankle to the heel. The heel floating when walking is minimized, and the legs and shoes are more integrated. In addition, the overall upper has been improved when the shoe race is tightened by being softer than the previous work.

Weight: 295g (Womens US8.5 / 25.5cm)
Midsole:Compression Molded Eva
Outsole:Vibram® megagrip
Stack height: 33mm
upper:Durable, Engineired Mesh
FootShape ™ ️: Original


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